What we’ve been reading

  • Tim Leslie: This is some of the most accomplished digital storytelling I’ve seen – beautiful stuff.
  • Ben Spraggon: Take a virtual trek through Petra and discover that there’s much more to this ancient city than its most famous monument- Al Khaznah – The Treasury.
  • Lucy Fahey: I’ve been looking at illustrator Simon Prades’ work. His combination of figurative-type illustration and use of abstraction make for really strong visual storytelling.
  • Cristen Tilley: I love this longread about a woman with muscular dystrophy who self-diagnosed a rare genetic mutation, and then did the same thing for a professional athlete she had never met.
  • Colin Gourlay: In We have always been at war with UI, Eevee looks at the recent changes made to Twitter’s UI/UX and tries to explain why the apps/sites we use constantly change through the lens of the product owner’s motivations, how the success of those changes is measured, and whether those measures are fundamentally flawed.
  • Simon Elvery: The stare down between Apple and the FBI about unlocking a dead terrorist’s iPhone has been a difficult story to report this week. Incredibly complex technical issues and the fact that this story touches on so many other areas (privacy, national security, geopolitics, etc) make it both a great story opportunity and a recipe for over simplification and poor reporting. It’s a long read, but Troy Hunt provided an excellent wrapof the situation and exploration of the issues—you should read it.
  • Matt Liddy: The journalistic culture clash in this interview with veteran reporter Robert Caro is visceral, particularly the opening exchange about Chartbeat. But it also has fascinating ruminations on the nature of politics and power.

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