Great stories #1: Andrew Davies

What’s the most powerful or compelling story you’ve read/watched/listened to recently?

That’s the question we put to Andrew Davies, RN’s social media and distribution editor. Here’s what he said:

“My RN colleague Ann Jones recently made a two-part series (Part 1 and Part II) on the sinking of the Blythe Star off the south-west coast of Tasmania. All ten crew members got out alive but not all of them would survive.

“I’d never heard about this story before but the interviews with some of the survivors, use of archival audio and music really made this such an extraordinary series.  To begin both episodes Ann used quotes that hooked me in immediately. Listening to both episodes really reminded me just how powerful audio can be.

“Also… I loved this NYT story profiling some of their top commenters. In an era when we hear so much negativity about ‘below the line’ comments it was fantastic to read about the people behind comments –  not to mention why they choose to comment.”

This is the first post in an ongoing series where people share great stories.


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